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  I'M BETTOR | FREE Soccer and Football Predictions analyzed by unique system and team of experienced tipsters. Football tips and Match Previews for 150+ Leagues and Cups!
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Can You Beat The Game In Online Casinos?
Trying to beat online casino games is not a very good way to make a living. These games have a specific design that ensures the casino will win in the long term. If they were beatable, the casino would remove them or change the house rules. Casinos are not in the business of making other people's money. If you insist on trying to beat online casinos, here are some things to consider.

Play Video Poker

Of all the games in the online casino, the House edge on video poker is the best for the player. On the right game with a full pay table, the House edge will be less than one percentage.

If you can find a Deuces Wild game with the right pay table, the game actually has a positive expectation. These games are very difficult to find, require perfect strategy and have low enough limits that you would have to play for many hours to show any worthwhile profit -- unless you get particularly lucky. To learn more about video poker and find the best games look for gambling blogs and other useful gaming resources online.

Use Bonuses

You can receive online bonuses by signing up with and playing on a particular site. These bonuses do not figure into the House edge of a game. A similar type of bonus can also at sites offering online poker.

Find the biggest bonus you can find, and play the game with the lowest House edge to meet the wagering requirement. With a little luck, you will be able to escape with part of the bonus as profit.

Be sure that the game you are playing counts towards the wagering requirement. Some low House edge games such as baccarat and Pai Gow may be excluded.

Quit While You're Ahead!

Over the long term, you can expect to lose at online casino games, but there is no reason you can not win in the short term. Consider taking your short term winnings out of the casino account and investing them in something with a positive yield. You can always put some of the interest you earn back into your casino gaming fund.

Play Progressive

Progressive slot and video poker games offer a large jackpot that sometimes grows so large that it makes the game a positive expectation play. Though extremely unlikely, it is possible to win one progressive jackpot that covers all of your online casino gaming losses for life.

Slot Games

Slots machines are controlled by a random number generator, so there is no skill involved that you could learn in order to master the game. The best way for a Turkish punter to win with these types of online casino games is to stumble onto a jackpot. The biggest tip? Play Free Mode to find out which game you like best before splurging on Real Money Mode.

Video Slots

Video slots are an even more exciting option among casino games in online casinos and across the globe. These games come with fabulous graphics, amazing bonuses, and a lot more thrills and spills built in. While they’re still equally random, players can look for video slots with higher bonus payouts to make a bit of a profit.

Table Games

Now table games are a different story. Players can enjoy a wide variety of table games, and since these involve skill, you might even turn a profit on one of them. Blackjack, Pontoon, and Stud Poker are popular choices.
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Our team consists of over 40 professional football analysts with 10+ years of experience and we try our best to ensure that you are provided with the most precise football predictions. Based on our system and experience we can predict the result of a football match with up to 80% success rate.

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